Four Common Airbag Problems We Can Fix

For the most part, airbags are a crucial safety feature in your car, truck, or utility vehicle. They are dangerous to babies and small children, and they aren’t exactly soft and fluffy when they inflate to protect you. In fact, many people are injured by airbags every year, but the caveat is that they would’ve been killed without them. We here at TRUE Automotive in Suwanee have seen our fair share of airbag problems, and we can fix the following four common issues with vehicle airbags.

1. Inflation Defect

Some airbags inflate for no apparent reason. This inflation defect is not common, but it can happen. Usually, an airbag will inflate even though you haven’t been in an automobile accident because it has a triggering mechanism that is too sensitive. Adjustments to the airbag triggering mechanism might solve the problem. If not, the airbag might need to be replaced to prevent the unnecessary activation.

2. Deflation Failure

If you are in an automobile accident that is severe enough to activate the airbag safety system, the bag will inflate suddenly and then deflate once you’ve hit the bag so you don’t suffocate or get crushed. On very rare occasions, an airbag will inflate but not deflate, leaving the driver pinned between his or her seat and the inflated airbag. The airbag should be replaced rather than reset if this happens.

3. Airbag Recalls

Unfortunately, airbag recalls happen. In fact, there was just another one in the news last month. If your vehicle’s airbag gets recalled, have the problem fixed right away, as the airbag could inflate or otherwise fail while you’re driving your automobile. This, alone, could cause a serious accident and severe bodily harm to you and/or your passengers. Take airbag recalls seriously to avoid unnecessary danger.

4. Airbag Light Malfunction

Finally, the most common problem with airbags that we see is a warning light malfunction. This problem is two-fold: The light might be on for a valid reason and the only way to check it is to deploy the airbag, or the light might be on for no reason and it’s just an electrical issue. Safety first. If your airbag warning light is on, bring your vehicle in to us so we can do our best the ensure there isn’t an actual airbag issue.

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Photo by saravuth-photohut from Getty Images via Canva Pro