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Whether the vehicle you drive uses a standard transmission or an automatic one, you cannot afford to take this vital piece of automotive engineering for granted. You rely on your vehicle to get you where you are going, and your vehicle relies on the quality of its transmission to move it forward.

As the driver, you have a sense of how your transmission should operate, and you will know when something is wrong. Whether you notice a slight hesitation when shifting gears or a loud noise as the gears start to grind, you cannot afford to ignore the symptoms.

Expert Diagnosis for Transmission Problems

It is not always easy to find transmission problems, especially on modern vehicles. That is why TRUE Automotive uses state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, equipment that is designed to pinpoint the problem and find it fast.

Whether the issue is grinding gears or a problem shifting gears, our modern diagnostic equipment can find the problem. No problem is too simple or too complex – just bring your vehicle to TRUE Automotive in Suwanee, GA, for an expert diagnosis and the quality repairs you need.

Preventative Service for a Longer Transmission Life

Just like your engine, the transmission in your vehicle needs regular maintenance to stay running its best. And just like your engine, your transmission needs regular fluid changes, a service TRUE Automotive is proud to provide.

Flushing the transmission is not as simple as draining the engine oil and doing it wrong can actually harm the internal components inside the system. A quality transmission flush removes not only the old fluid but any built-up impurities and metallic particles as well. Once the system is flushed, new fluid is added, giving your transmission a new lease on life and helping it last longer. This service is an essential part of preventative maintenance for your vehicle, and TRUE Automotive can help you do it right.

The cost of transmission repairs is second only to the price of a full engine overhaul, but there are things you can do to protect the system and keep it running longer. From regular transmission flushes to expert diagnosis and service, TRUE Automotive is here to help with all your transmission needs.