Why Is Driving On Thanksgiving So Dangerous?

Thanksgiving weekend is a favorite of many. We love it here at TRUE Automotive. You hear horror stories about Thanksgiving weekend car accidents, however, and there’s a reason why: Driving over the Thanksgiving holiday can be very dangerous. Why? There are several reasons and we’re going to list them below with the hope that this will help you avoid a Thanksgiving weekend auto accident.

More Drivers on the Road

Traffic and a ton of it is one of the reasons why it’s dangerous to drive over the Thanksgiving holiday. Millions of people are traveling to relatives and friends’ homes for the weekend, or even just for Thanksgiving Day. The more automobiles on the road the more traffic and frayed nerves. This leads to distracted drivers and a ton of car accidents. Weather is also a concern in many parts of the States.

Drinking From Thanksgiving Eve Through the Holiday Weekend

Many people start celebrating Thanksgiving Wednesday night. Whether they’ve already arrived at their destination or just decided to sample the wine selection while they cook, alcohol flows plenty from Wednesday through Sunday on Thanksgiving weekend. You know what this means: There are more drunk drivers on the road and related accidents this weekend than on other weekends during the year.

Black Friday Traffic

Black Friday can become a huge issue inside the stores, but many people don’t realize how much of an issue it is outside of the stores. Between the additional drivers going from store to store to camping outside of the shops, and people hungover from Thanksgiving celebrations, you’ve got a bad combination of bad driving, bad tempers, and people focused more on shopping than on the road.

Holiday Weekend Exhaustion

Thanksgiving can be an exhausting holiday. You’ve driven a long way to get to your destination and dealt with traffic the whole way. You’ve spent a couple of days with your family catching up. You’ve eaten, you’ve drank, you’ve watched football, and you’ve shopped. Now, you have to drive all the way back home in the same amount of traffic. This adds up to an exhausted driver with dulled motor skills.

Automobile Wear and Tear

Finally, depending on how far you drive over the holiday weekend, you could end up stranded on the side of the road if your vehicle breaks down. Common problems during holiday travel include overheating and flat tires. Avoid car trouble on top of the normal holiday stress by having your automobile checked out and serviced before you leave for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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